r-tag Report Viewer Standard

The Report Manager Crystal Reports viewer from r-tag comes in two versions. This standard version reads Crystal Reports only, while the Pro version also reads SSRS and Ad-hoc reports. Both refresh against live data. The Pro version has some advanced features, also.

Viewer Details

Report Manager Crystal Reports viewer from r-tag:
  • Fully functional Crystal reports viewer with a local database (standard version). Easy installation.
  • Cascading parameters, templates for parameters' values , programmable default values.
  • User roles and permissions management.
  • History journal, optimization reports.
  • Multithreading: Run multiple reports simultaneously.
  • Export to local file, e-mail, SharePoint, Office365.
  • Batch reports: package which will group multiple reports and local files and can be run as one report..

Pro Version:

All of the above, plus...

  • Allows you to combine reports from different types (Crystal reports and SSRS and SQL Ad-hoc).
  • Support for network SQLServer database. Deploy a report and make it instantly available to all users with appropriate permissions.
  • In addition to being a viewer for Crystal reports, it's a viewer for SSRS and SQL Ad-hoc reports.
  • Data driven reports for SSRS, Crystal Reports, and Ad-hoc SQL queries. A data driven report is one that can be run multiple times and can retrieve the parameters from a database.



Report Manager Info

Report Manager is the integrated software that can be licensed into different applications such as this viewer. You can use it to organize, view, and schedule reports.
  • Works under Windows (XP,7, 8, Vista, Server 2003-2008)
  • Supports Crystal Reports, MS Reporting Services SSRS, and MS SQL Server Ad hoc queries.
  • The reports can be viewed in a viewer or exported to any of the various Crystal Reports compatible formats.
  • Organize reports and batches in Windows Explorer-like interface.
  • Allow different users to work with different reports in that same interface.
  • Upgrade reports from one version to another or from one provider to another without interrupting users. You don't need to recompile when a report is upgraded
  • Dynamic datasource for reports (data push).
  • Direct export to Excel, via an ad-hoc query rather than needing to write a Crystal Report to do the same simple job.
  • Use the built-in tools to create pivot tables, group data and freeze panes. You can even visualize data in charts directly from your viewer application.

Select the scheduler or viewer formore information and/or to purchase.

UI Screen Shot

This gives you an idea of how easy it is to work with this software:

Free Trial

Right mouse click to download the

You should already have the Dot Net Framework and Crystal run time files. But if not, we have them here.

For CR 2008 and higher, Dot Net Framework 3.5 support:

If you do not already have the Dot Net 4.0 Framework, you can download it here or download it from Microsoft.

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