From R-Tag comes this integrated software that you can use to organize, view, and schedule Crystal Reports.The scheduler can run as a Windows application or as a Windows service. So, it's very flexible. Free 30-day Trial.

Report Manager Info

With this integrated software, you can organize, view, and schedule reports.
  • Works under Windows (XP,7, 8, Vista, Server 2003-2008)
  • Supports Crystal Reports, MS Reporting Services SSRS, and MS SQL Server Ad hoc queries.
  • The reports can be viewed in a viewer or exported to any of the various Crystal Reports compatible formats.
  • Organize reports and batches in Windows Explorer-like interface.
  • Allow different users to work with different reports in that same interface.
  • Upgrade reports from one version to another or from one provider to another without interrupting users. You don't need to recompile when a report is upgraded
  • Dynamic datasource for reports (data push).
  • Direct export to Excel, via an ad-hoc query rather than needing to write a Crystal Report to do the same simple job.
  • Use the built-in tools to create pivot tables, group data and freeze panes. You can even visualize data in charts directly from your viewer application.

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Viewer Summary

Report Manager viewer:

  • Allows administrator to control access to reports and jobs by roles and permissions.
  • Refreshes against live data.
  • Permits the user to visualize data in charts directly from the viewer application.

Scheduler Summary

Report Manager scheduler provides:

  • Cascading parameters and parameters templates for all report types (including Crystal reports before version XI).
  • Data driven reports for all report types. Now you can run SSRS data driven reports even without SQLServer Enterprise.
  • Run as a Windows application or as a Windows service.
  • Report bursting.

You can use this Crystal Reports scheduler to:

  • Organize reports in batches (jobs) and schedule execution and delivery.
  • Schedule jobs.
  • Direct export to document management.
  • Export to multiple worksheets in one Excel file. Export multiple reports to one Excel or PDF.
  • Export to SharePoint 2010 and Office365.
  • Journal contains information about report and job runs, parameters, and output files. Useful for report performance analysis and optimizations.
  • Run virtually any report type by using plug-ins.
  • Schedule slow reports to start during the night and use the result from Document management, E-mail or Local Network.

UI Screen Shot

This gives you an idea of how easy it is to work with this software:

Free Trial

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If you do not already have the Dot Net 4.0 Framework, you can download it here or download it from Microsoft.

r-tag Report Manager Crystal Reports Scheduler Report Manager Scheduler:
  • Can run as a Windows Service.
  • Can run as a Window app.
  • Allows batch runs.
  • Starts at $299 (lite).

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r-tag Report Manager Crystal Reports Viewer Report Manager Viewer:
  • Access by roles and permissions.
  • Refreshes against live data.
  • Visualize data in charts.
  • Starts at $119 (Standard 5 license).

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