These full-feature Crystal Reports viewers let you share your reports with users who don't have a Crystal Reports license, and you save money in multiple ways:
  • Low-cost per user license with no hidden fees and no annual fees, unlike some other viewers on the market today.
  • User licenses are transferable from one user to another user; you don't have to buy more licenses as people change jobs.
  • Free 30-day trial; this is pretty standard these days but we also provide free tech support and an extended trial if you have problems.
A Crystal Reports viewer is an inexpensive rpt file reader that resides on the desktop; it allows someone who doesn't have a Crystal Reports license to read your Crystal Report, but "read" has many shades of gray. If you want users to be able to read your Crystal Report with full drilldown and data refresh, you need something much better than the native Crystasl Reports viewer / reader in Business Objects.

Our Crystal Reports viewers give you the options and functionality you need and can't get from free readers such as the native reader in Business Objects. Step up to one of our viewers, and you'll see the difference; so will your users. We offer a free trial to help you with that, so why not try it and take things to the next level?

With a full-function Crystal Reports viewer, users have the same access to information that you'd be able to provide with the "full monte" Business Objects system but at a fraction of the cost. What about a report on demand function? Well, that's not there per se but the user gets the same effect by simply refreshing the data. If you use a Crystal Reports scheduler to send new reports periodically, the users have the latest report and just need the latest data via refresh. The report itself should seldom change. The data change constantly.

What are some advantages and benefits of using the viewers we offer?
  • Data refresh: users can refresh against live data so they don't need to demand new reports. Users can just update existing Crystal Reports to show current information based on fresh data.
  • Ease of security: you can set the report viewer to handle database access, so users don't need to log in to view reports.
  • The right features: our developers work in the field and listen to the clients and so these viewers have features that users actually need.
  • Easy installation and use: this reduces implementation costs, tech support headaches, and user frustration while lowering total cost of ownership.
  • Compatibility: You can use these viewers with Citrix systems and similar arrangements; they are compatible with the real world--what a concept!
  • Flexibility: if you need to share .rpt files with customers or vendors who don't have a Crystal Reports license, this is how you do it. Yes, it is approved by Crystal Reports and Business Objects. With these Crystal Reports viewers, people don't need an expensive CR system or even a Crystal Reports seat to fully utilize your .rpt files.
  • Cost-savings: you can save considerable money with the viewer approach over the BO Enterprise model; if you haven't priced this lately, take a look.
  • Simplification: the viewer approach is simple and easy to implement, and the system administrator has less workload.
  • Scalability: you can add new users incrementally beacuse we're happy to consolidate previous license, to simplify your license administration.

Also, you'll notice that three of these Crystal Reports viewers are built on .NET; this difference would matter if your system uses the .Net authentication and encryption and you want to be consistent with that.

If you buy one of our Crystal Reports viewers, you'll save money and probably a ton of it. But there is a slight catch: you lose the ability for users to get reports sent upon demand. Though this sounds bad at first glance, a closer look shows that's usually not a problem.

There are two key factors, here:

  1. These viewers allow users to refresh against live data; every refresh essentially creates a new report, at least from the user's viewpoint.
  2. Your Crystal Report itself should not have to change frequently; usually what changes is the data behind the report, if you've designed things correctly. Yes, even a perfect report design may need to be updated as circumstances change, but that should not be very often.

If the report changes, you can use a Crystal Reports scheduler (which we also sell) to send a new one. The scheduler will send your report as often you want, so you can send the report even if it didn't change (just so people look at the information regularly). The refresh ability of our viewers solves the outdated data problem, thus keeping your reports current with what's actually going on.

So the idea that users will be lost if they can't get a report sent upon demand just isn't true; you are still giving them what they need: a current report based on current data. You're just doing it a way that costs a lot less money than the "on demand" approach for the whole report.

Crystal Reports viewers aid in the distribution to clients, customers, or vendors; they are why people don't need a Crystal Reports license to read your reports. The viewer approach works especially well when people get full drill-down and can refresh against live data, which is what our viewers give them the power to do.

Choose a Crystal Reports viewer here, if you need to share reports in .rpt format.

Crystalkiwi rpt reader with full drilldown, live data refresh

CrystalKiwi Explorer

  • Built on .Net 4.0: utilizes .Net authentication and encryption.
  • Starts at $209 (5-license pack).
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cView rpt reader with live data refresh, full drilldown


  • Built on VBA: standard authentication and encryption.
  • Starts at $196 (5-license pack).
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r-tag rpt reader with full drilldown, live data refresh

r-tag Report Manager Viewer Standard

  • Built on .Net 4.0: utilizes .Net authentication and encryption; accomodates cascading parameters.
  • Starts at $119 (5-license pack).
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r-tag Pro rpt reader with live data refresh, full drilldown

r-tag Report Manager Viewer Pro

  • Includes all features of r-tag Standard plus reads SSRS and Ad-hoc reports; can combine SSRS, Ad-hoc, Crystal.
  • Starts at $299 (5-license pack).
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