Chelsea Technologies provides two main product support plans:
  1. Silver, which is upgrade protection.
  2. Gold, which is implementation assistance.

We offer a combination of the two as a third plan, the Platinum plan. Chelsea Technologies also offers consultancy for issues beyond product implementation and also issues not related to Chelsea Technologies products.

Choose the service plan that meets your needs:

Chelsea TechnologiesUpgrade Protection  Chelsea Technologies Support, 1 year  Chelsea Technologies Support and Upgrade Protection  Chelseatech Support: Consulting Service Plan

Quick Compare

Service Silver, $99/yr Gold, $375 Platinum, $460
Upgrade Protection


No Yes
Implementation Assistance No Yes Yes

Services Explained

Upgrade Protection
  • This applies only to the cView brand of schedulers and viewers.
  • Download all the latest features we have developed for one year.
  • Match latest version of Crystal: If you upgrade to a later version of Crystal Reports and if we have developed a version of our product to support that version of Crystal, you may download it at any time during the year.
Implementation assistance This is assistance to get you up and going. We will help you implement our product without going into comprehensive consultancy. Although we cannot guarantee to find a solution in a specified timeframe, we will use our many years of experience to assist.


  • Third party software integration because we may not be familiar with your software.
  • Database client installs because we may not be familiar with your software.
  • Network permissions because this is dependent on your own environment.
  • Network troubleshooting because this is dependent on your own environment.


We offer consultancy services. If you also need assistance with the areas below, we can provide an estimate of the cost of consultancy @$95 per hour.
  • Issues beyond product implementation.
  • Crystal Report design.
  • Assistance with formulas.
  • Crystal Reports tutorials.
  • Personnel training.
  • Database modification work.


  • Work will primarily be done on-line.
  • Where phone assistance is required, our preferred method is to use Skype at pre-arranged times to accommodate time zone differences.