Registry Function Library, Enterprise Version, for Crystal Reports

Registry Function Library, Enterprise Version, for Crystal Reports

Registry Function Library, Enterprise Version, for Crystal Reports

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Registry Function is a collection of useful registry utilities for Crystal Reports administrators. This tool can extract a value from the Windows Registry. It can identify the Windows\Crystal function directory. It includes an Alert function to stop the report and raise a warning message, and then continue the report. The Enterprise Version allows the administrator to perform these functions on report user computers, not just on the administrator's computer or report server.

You can use the Registry Function Library to retrieve values from the Registry. This UFL can also retrieve the disk label and serial number. A popular feature of the Registry Function Library is the Alert function, which you can use to stop your report to warn of urgent conditions in the database.


Registry Functions:
  • GetRegCurrentUser(Key, Prop)
  • GetRegLocalMachine(Key, Prop)
These functions will retrieve a value from the CurrentUser and LocalMachine hives of the Windows registry. If the Key or property isn't valid, the function will return a blank value. Random Functions:
  • GetRegRandomSeed(Seed)
  • GetRegRandom
Crystal reports 8 added a random function to the formula editor, so these functions are here for users of earlier versions of Crystal Reports. The GetRegRandom should be calcuated WhileReadingRecords to get individual values for each record.

You get three Disk Volume Functions:

  • GetVolSerialNumber(Drive)
  • GetVolLabel(Drive)
  • GetVolInstallPath
The first two, obviously, retrieve the serial number and volume label of the specified drive. GetVolInstallPath retrieves the location of where the User function library is installed (Usually \Windows\Crystal or \WinNT\Crystal).

Alert Function:

  • GetVolAlert(Message, Caption)
This will stop your report and display a message (with the required caption). Then it will continue processing the report. If you accidentally specify a condition where an excessive number of alerts have been raised, you can cancel the messages. Size Functions:
  • GetSizeFt(Value) value is in inches
  • GetSizeHrs(Value) value is in minutes
  • GetSizeMetric(Value) value is in 1/000 of the units
These functions convert a number into the appropriate formats, and display the required units of measure.


Solve problems with this UFL. Here's an example. A Crystal Reports administrator posed the following problem.
Our Crystal Reports require Users to provide their USERID as a parameter for record selection. We would like to eliminate the requirement to enter the USERID from our reports by:
  • Adding a specific USERID to the Registry.
  • Using a user function to retrieve the specific USERID from the user Windows Registry.

Will your Registry User Function Library help with this?

Yes, this can be done provided you use a subreport. The reason is that User Function Libraries (UFLs) are invoked once the report is processing data. Therefore, while we could retrieve the information you want in the Registry, it would be too late to use for the DB parameter in the main report.

The exception to this is if the parameter is requested in a subreport, as the main report will have processed the UFL prior to running the subreport.

Tip: Remember to ensure you retrieve at least one record in your main report (or else the subreport will not run).

Standard Vs. Enterprise

The Enterprise license allows you to extend the functionality to the Registry on user machines. It does require an install on each machine for which you wish to have this functionality.


  • Reduce unpleasant surprises related to the Registry.
  • Tap the power of the Registry for a better Crystal Reports administrator experience.

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