File Management User Function Library

File Management User Function Library

File Management User Function Library

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Our File Management User Function Library allows you to delete, copy, rename, or manipulate files and folders on your machine from within Crystal Reports. Free 30-day trial.

Hot tip: Crystal Reports can treat your hard drive as a database. So write a report to select all the files in a folder with a last modified date, and use the DiskFileCopy function to make a copy of those in a date specific folder on your backup drive.


The File Management UFL was originally developed to solve a specific problem. A city council had a database of documents and plans that where on file and what actions were needed with them. They wanted to know if it was possible to have a report listing all the documents in the database. They also wanted that report to check and show whether those documents were still where they were supposed to be on the file server.

After the original development, we added other features. You can use the File Management UFL for such things as:

  • File Backup. Crystal Reports can use the file system as a data source. Write a report to list all the files in a folder and copy them to a date stamped folder on another drive
  • File Archive. The File System data source also includes the dates a file was last written. Look at a folder and any used over a certain age could be copied to another folder. 
  • File Security. The file system at a business site shouldn't be used to store MP3 music files or AVI video files. So write a report to list them all, and delete them if found. Could use a similar approach to remove JPG or BMP files over a certain size in the user files.
  • Remove Duplicates. Excel Spreadsheets are being saved in local user drives rather than in the server. Use the File System to identify duplicate files and delete the duplicate copies.


  • Archive files. Reduce access times by reducing file system size.
  • Back up files. Avoid data loss.
  • De-dupe file system. Reduce storage needs. This, in turn, reduces server capacity needs, heat issues, and equipment footprint.
  • Monitor content. Spot and eliminate non-business files and avoid potential lawsuits. Also identitfy employees whose behavior poses a security risk.


Compatible with Crystal Reports XI and can process all prior versions of Crystal Reports.

Benefits/Why Buy

Tired of having to exit Crystal Reports just to correct a file naming problem or clean up some other file issue? The solution is here: our File Management UFL for Crystal Reports. Now you can delete, copy, rename, or manipulate files and folders from within Crystal Reports.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You open a report from within Crystal Reports, but it's the wrong one because the filename isn't clear. You keep meaning to correct that, but keep forgetting.
  • You've got a bunch of old files that are better off dead. Yet, they continue to linger on your drive, never getting deleted.
  • You're working on a report and want to copy it to a USB drive so you can work on it during tomorrow's long flight. It sure would be nice to do that quickly while you're thinking about it.
  • While designing a new report, you came up with a great template idea and would like to copy that template to other folders while the idea is fresh.
  • Pathnames have been an issue for some time, now. You want to open a report in each folder and rename the folder so the pathnames are more intuitive.

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