Scheduler User Profile

Scheduler User Profile

Scheduler User Profile

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Read your Crystal Reports scheduler schedule files and create an on screen summary of all the recipients, and what reports they get.


  • Works with cViewMANAGER, cViewSERVER and CrystalKiwi Scheduler schedule files.
  • If you are running more than one of these, you can combine them into one data source.
  • If schedule items share multirun or bursting control files, each instance is listed.
  • Can filter to get a list for one user.
  • Work files are saved as XML, so you can design your own reports against this data source.
  • Can export the data to CSV format for further analysis in Excelage.

Benefits/Why Buy

If your report schedule is large, it may be hard to say for sure if a particular person is a recipient of that report. If you've made extensive use of multirun and bursting reports, the level of difficulty goes way up.

It's easy enough to select a report in the schedule and see where that goes, but what about the other way around?

  • You know Joe Davis at ACME is a report recipient, but which reports does he actually get?
  • The CEO is leaving in fifteen minutes to close a major deal. He wants to know which reports were sent to this client, so he knows how to detail his pitch.
  • The national sales manager wants to know if the top ten distributors got last month's product deficiency report; how can you provide that information quickly?
  • The company's executive officers call you into a meeting to discuss a suspected industrial espionage problem. They tell you the spy must be receiving a particular mix of scheduled reports. They hand you a list of reports and to eliminate from the investigation those people not receiving all of them. Do you stare stupidly, or do you say, "Right. I'll have this shortly."?

User Profile can read your scheduler files and create an on-screen summary of all the recipients, and what reports they get. You can then export the data to Excel or process it with a Crystal Report for further analysis.

Works with cViewMANAGER, cViewSERVER and CrystalKiwi schedulers. May work with other schedulers (not tested).

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