Crystal Reports Scheduler: cViewMANAGER

Crystal Reports Scheduler: cViewMANAGER

Crystal Reports Scheduler: cViewMANAGER

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Schedule your Crystal Reports delivery with the cViewMANAGER Crystal Reports scheduler. It can send your Crystal Report in the body of an email or as an attachment. It can send your report to print or save it to disk. Runs as a Windows application. Free 30-day trial.

cViewMANAGER is compatible with Crystal Reports XI and all prior versions of Crystal Reports.

Use cViewMANAGER to schedule the delivery of your Crystal Reports at times, dates, and frequencies that fit your needs. You can send the same report to different lists and/or different reports to the same list. cViewMANAGER can send your reports in any format supported by Crystal Reports.


With cViewMANAGER, you can:
  • Control parameters. Run the same report multiple times, but with different destinations or parameters--or both.
  • Display reports in the body of email messages.
  • Schedule each report to automatically run at specific dates, times, frequencies, or intervals.
  • Maintain an external list of values and destinations for a group of scheduled reports.
  • Modify report formula fields (e.g., Record Selection, Group Selection).
  • Modify database locations.
With cViewMANAGER, you get:
  • Automatic report distribution.
  • Database password security control (users don't need to log into the database).
  • Many output formats. cViewMANAGER can export in any of the formats Crystal Reports can.
  • Exception reporting.

With cViewMANAGER, you can send:

  • Reports via email, without using your e-mail client or your e-mail server.
  • One report to multiple email addresses.


Installation/usage note: To avoid conflicts, it's best not to install a scheduler on the same machine as Crystal Reports. That also means not having other schedulers (e.g., Business Objects Enterprise or Business Objects Report Server) on the same machine as our schedulers.

If you have Crystal Reports on the machine where cViewMANAGER is running, and they are:

  • The same version, we advise that you move one or the other to avoid runtime conflicts.
  • Different versions, that's OK if they don't run at the same time.

cVM v cVS

What's the difference between cViewMANAGER and cViewSERVER?

cViewMANAGER runs as a Windows application. You have to be logged in to run any Windows application, so you have to be logged in for it to send reports.

cViewSERVER is a Windows Service. So it runs even if you're not logged in. Windows Services don't have a user interface, so a free copy of cViewREMOTE comes with it for that purpose.


Buy cViewMANAGER now, and unleash the power that frees you from manual report distribution:
  • Increase productivity. Once you set your options, cViewmanager will automatically send your reports to where you want--when you want. You can say what time and how frequently your reports will run. You decide on the output format. You decide if reports go to the printer, to a file, or via e-mail to recipients you choose.

  • Keep control. You manage the list of reports. You can set parameter input and a list of email addresses for each report. You control the database passwords so the recipients don't need database logins.

  • Enjoy extra flexibility. cViewMANAGER can send one report to multiple email addresses. It can send to remote or local printers or folders. Emailing is independent of email client or email server. If your email server is unavailable, cViewMANAGER holds the output until the server is available.
cViewMANAGER crystal reports scheduler


  • cViewMANAGER is compatible with Crystal XI and all prior versions of Crystal Reports.
  • cViewMANAGER, having been developed in Visual Basic 6,uses the Crystal Report Designer Component (RDC) to process reports. For this reason it can be built to interact with Crystal Reports versions 8, 9, 10, and 11. As long as you aren't using any Crystal Reports 2008 specific features (for example the new Grid functions in the Crosstab object), cViewMANAGER 11.xx will run reports designed with the Crystal Reports 2008 report designer.
  • Crystal Reports 2008 has dropped support for the RDC so we cannot build a 2008 version of cViewMANAGER. But if that's your situation then we do have a solution. cViewSERVER is developed in Visual Studio.Net so it can run as a windows Service. This also means cViewSERVER can use the Crystal Reports 10 Report Application Server (RAS) or the Crystal Reports 2008 RAS to to process reports. So, we recommend cViewSERVER if you are running Crystal Reports 2008 or higher.

How many scheduler licenses do you need?

You need a license for each server on which cViewMANAGER is installed. cViewMANAGER is usually installed by someone who has administrator rights to see the data and process the reports. Volume discounts are available.

You don't need multiple licenses just to permit different administrators of the same schedule. But purchasing multiple licenses makes sense under a variety of circumstances. For example:

  • You have multiple reporting schedules to administer.
  • Someone has a different set of security permissions to see a different set of data or reports. In this case, a separate license covers that set of data and reports.
  • Someone is on a separate physical network (or even different city) with their own reports and data. In this case, a separate license covers that set of data and reports.

If you have a backup server which is simply used in the case of failure of your main server, you don't need a second license.

What file formats does cViewMANAGER support?

It supports the standard Crystal Reports formats. But to support XML, you will need to purchase the XML UFL. See the XML UFL tab for that. Here's a detailed explanation:

cViewMANAGER could export to XML format but does not export to XML format. The reason for this is because we decided the standard Crystal Schema XML output was not controllable enough for many clients and using our XML UFL instead would be better. We have no plans to add the Crystal schema XML format to cViewMANAGER.

cViewSERVER  (our scheduler that runs as a Windows service) cannot export to XML format because the Crystal run-time that Business Objects provides for 3rd parties like us is currently missing the XML format. You will find that our competitors who use .NET for development would be in a similar position and would not provide XML output format either. So we offer the solution to our clients of modifying their report in the schedule to use our XML UFL in a formula to give them the functionality they need.

The main benefits of using our XML UFL are that it gives significantly more control over the output. For instance, control tags do not need to relate to fields and it works across subreports. One of the disadvantages of the standard XML export from straight Crystal Reports is that it ignores subreports.

Using either of our schedulers with XLM UFL added to a formula in the report will provide highly controllable XML output, in some cases better than the standard Crystal XML format.

What's the difference between cViewMANAGER and cView?

What if you want to automatically schedule and distribute your reports, but have a way for users to refresh those reports from the database? Even if they don't have a Crystal Reports license? The solution is a combination of cViewMANAGER and cView.

  • cViewMANAGER is the scheduler. Install it on just the PC scheduling the reports (and not on the PCs of the people receiving the reports).
  • cView is the viewer. Each report recipient needs an install of this viewer on his/her PC.


Export to XML, using XML UFL.

Free Trial

Next steps:
  • After downloading the trial version (below), complete the license purchase.
  • Check your e-mail for the Activation code; Use it to create the license key.
  • Need spending approval? Download this PDF and e-mail it to your boss.
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