cViewMANAGER Upgrade Protection 3 yrs

cViewMANAGER Upgrade Protection 3 yrs

cViewMANAGER Upgrade Protection 3 yrs

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Why Buy Upgrade Protection?

Users of cViewMANAGER eventually upgrade their version of Crystal Reports. That, in turn, requires upgrading your version of cViewMANAGER.

Thus, we have an inexpensive upgrade protection license to make things easy and affordable for our valuable customers. Like dental insurance, there is a waiting period. You need to wait 90 days for the benefits of Upgrade Protection to kick in, if it has lapsed or you've not purchased it previously.

You don't need upgrade protection just to run cViewMANAGER.


  • Provides you a path to take advantage of the product improvements, without the hassle of another purchase approval.
  • Allows you to upgrade your scheduler for free if you upgrade your version of Crystal Reports.
  • Keeps you current.


Upgrade Protection Agreements

The maintenance agreement has become standard practice in today's software environment. Such agreements have been around since the early days of IBM central computing systems. For desktop and server systems, they became necessary to support continued development of antivirus libraries. We like to call it upgrade protection, as that is a more accurate way to look at it.

Some software vendors disable the product after the first year of use, unless you buy a subscription or have a maintenance agreement. Some software vendors don't do this. We are in that second group. Your business information and reporting system is critical, and so you can continue to operate via your original purchase. But doing so may be a mistake because you miss out on the benefits our upgrade protection agreement brings you.

Some vendors treat their maintenance agreements like a license to bombard their customers with sales pitches. We don't do that. We don't share your information with other parties and we don't pester you with sales calls. We are very respectful of our customers' need to get work done.

Crystal Reports Version Upgrades
cViewMANAGER works with Crystal Reports Version 10 and older. For newer versions, you will need cViewSERVER. If you have cViewMANAGER Upgrade Protection, you are entitled to free upgrades up through the version compatible with Crystal Reports Version 10.

For upgrade protection customers who migrate past Crystal Reports Version 10, we will make price accommodations for your cViewSERVER upgrade.

cViewMANAGER Version History

Version 8.33 / 9.33 / 10.33 / 11.33
  • "Excel Data" export format now available (cViewMANAGER 10.xx/11.xx) only.  This format is not available for earlier versions as it is not supported by the Crystal run time for those older versions.
  • Each item in the schedule can have a description.
  • Angle brackets in xml text fields are now processed correctly.
  • New properties in cView.xml file for backup processing.
  • \Backup folder created on start of application.
  • Option to retain saved data in report if required.
  • By default saved data is discard and the report refreshed against the database.
  • Custom Calendar scheduling problem with "Saturday 03:00" has been fixed.
(3 May 2005) Version 8.32 / 9.32 / 10.32 / 11.32
  • Include CR 11 run time version available
  • Can use a custom calendar with entries like Monday 4:00, Thursday 19:45, etc.
  • You can use ten domain shortcuts to make your email addresses shorter and more flexible.
  • Improved processing of ODBC connection string data sources
  • Database connection form now requires you to confirm your password before it will save it. We have found the major problem users have with out applications is that they have entered the password incorrectly.
  • Duplicate report now copies all the properties of the schedule item.  It was missing some of the new properties.
  • Menu item Settings/Connection rename to Database Connection
  • Settings/Application removed from the menu.  Each cView application identifies itself and loads a registry entry to say where the EXE is
  • The schedule remembers what sort sequence it last displayed when it restarts.
  • "Advance Schedule" is a new menu item to update the next run time of all the reports
  • Changing the multirun control file doesn't reset the multirun form layout

(16 March 2005) Version 8.31 / 9.31 / 10.31

  • Include CR8.5 Service Pack 2 in install files
  • Improved processing of reports against OLDEB databases
  • Improved logins against SQL server databases
(25 January 2005) Version 8.30 / 9.30 / 10.30
  • Improved error notification messages
  • cViewMAIL outbox folder created on start of server
  • Outbox message processing now available
  • Recognize and process cViewREMOTE lock files
  • Same log and status web page layout as cViewSERVER
  • Integrates with on line help database
  • Improved license file processing
  • Trial version now allows 5 test reports and 15 items in a list file
  • Notify and error messages can now be sent to a list file
  • List file processing error with reports and multirun fixed
  • Message fields processed correctly
  • Database connection form has fixed problem with saving passwords
  • Printing to non-default printer now works properly
  • New export format added (Record Format)
  • Business Month calculation corrected
  • Business Month now supports day in the month

(30 October 2004) Version 8.29 / 9.29 / 10.29

  • Multirun email output now saves to separate files for each run.  This makes improves the sequencing of email processing
  • Collection and cView application schedule items can now have their names edited in the Schedule form
  • New Export formats: Tab Separated Text, Tab Separated Values, XML
  • Notify messages on success and fail no longer include the CC and BCC addresses
  • Support for cView application framework now included
  • Version 9.xx no longer available as a full install. Use the 10.xx version instead.
(17 May 2004) Version 8.28 / 9.28 / 10.28
  • SMTP engine rewritten for more efficient email processing
  • SMTP form redesigned. Several fields removed as no longer needed and a test message recipient added to the form.
  • Multiple email addresses can now be separated by semicolons
  • XML file export now includes all XML files
  • Version History now included in help files
  • Multirun in body HTML now available
  • CR10 version created

(7 March 2004) Version 8.27 / 9.27

  • Print to default printer problem fixed
  • Selecting a new item on the grid doesn't affect scheduled item

(11 October 2003) Version 8.26 / 9.26

  • Can use {?parametername} in subject of email message
  • {$subject.txt} will pick up the description from subject.txt (file in cViewMANAGER program folder)
  • Year.start.ty calculated correctly
  • Increase number of parameters to 3000
  • Error displayed if parameters exceed 3000
  • Parameter form display correct report
  • New schedule properties for email and error notify
  • Delete all tablemaps now saves correctly
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