Product Move Support

Product Move Support

Product Move Support

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Having problems moving a Crystal Reports scheduler or other Crystal Reports software from one server to another? We can solve those problems. Want to avoid those problems? Let us do the move for you.


We offer consultancy services for issues beyond product implementation and also issues not related to Chelsea Technologies products. One of those is the software product move. We do that on a flat fee basis.

The flat fee assumes a certain scope of work.

  • If we are brought into an existing move project that isn't working, this is a move problem consultancy. If we find that the move problems are due to issues that exceed the scope, we will let you know rather than pretend we're fixing those issues. For example, the apparent move malfunction might be due to a database problem rather than the move itself.
  • If we are brought in to perform the move, that does not include handling firewall configurations, server administration, or similar systemsadministrator work. We will let you know what these issues are, but actually solving them is not covered by the move fee.

So this product does not provide services such as:

  • Solving issues not directly related to the move.
  • Crystal Report design.
  • Assistance with formulas.
  • Crystal Reports tutorials.
  • Personnel training.
  • Database modification work.


Product moves can be tricky, with many gotchas that can suck down vast amounts of time and other resources. Or even stop you cold. Because the typical administrator doesn't do a large number of installs or moves, "can" has a tendency to turn into "did." And that's never a good thing. We offer you a way to prevent such pain. Benefits include:
  • Fast approach to work using methodologies based on experience with hundreds of installations.
  • Evaluation of your particular environment against known (to us) issues; prevention of "stepping in it."
  • Proper setup of the software on the new server or workstation.

Work Method

  • Work will primarily be done on-line.
  • Where phone assistance is required, our preferred method is to use Skype at pre-arranged times to accommodate time zone differences.
  • Yes, we understand time may be critical. We will work quickly and efficiently to solve your problem.


If we can't complete the move,we will refund your money minus the value of any system changes we made that you would need to make anyhow. We will detail what these are and why they are needed.

At no charge, we will also send you a written summary of steps taken. That will be useful informationfor any subsequent work on the problem by yourself or some other party.

Getting Started

Obviously, one step is to buy this move product. We'd like to tell you someone is standing by to contact you immediately and get started instantly, but that's not the case. There's going to be a delay (not a big one). While you're waiting, gather the following information to save timewhen someone does contact you:
  • Name of the product. For example, cViewSERVER Crystal Reports scheduler.
  • What Windows version you're moving it from, what Windows version (including Service Pack) you're moving it to.
  • Whether you are having problems with a move you're doing, or you want us to do a move so you don't have those problems.
  • Anything notable about the environment. For example, are you running a Citrix system?
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