cView Upgrade Protection 1 yr

cView Upgrade Protection 1 yr

cView Upgrade Protection 1 yr

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Why Buy cView Upgrade Protection?
Crystal Reports itself is continually evolving into a more powerful product to meet ever more demanding needs of end users. Thus, we have an inexpensive annual upgrade protection license to make things easy and affordable for everyone.

This license extends the development of cView, but at a fraction of the cost of buying a new license. We value our customers, and our upgrade protection product is our way of saying thank you while supporting you as you move forward with your own goals.

You do not need upgrade protection just to run cView. That said, there are some compelling reasons to buy upgrade protection along with your cView product.


  • No need to budget for version upgrades.
  • Have the newest technology available.
  • Save money.

Upgrade protection:

  • Provides you a path to take advantage of the product improvements, without having to go through the hassle of another purchase approval.
  • Allows you to upgrade your viewer for free if you upgrade your version of Crystal Reports.
  • Keeps you current.
Upgrade Protection  Agreements
The maintenance agreement has become standard practice in today's software environment. Such agreements have been around since the early days of IBM central computing systems. For desktop and server systems, they became necessary to support continued development of antivirus libraries. We like to call it upgrade protection, as that is a more accurate way to look at it.

Some software vendors disable the product after the first year of use, unless you buy a subscription or have a maintenance agreement. Some software vendors don't do this. We are in that second group. Your business information and reporting system is critical, and so you can continue to operate via your original purchase. But doing so may be a mistake because you miss out on the benefits our upgrade protection agreement brings you.

Privacy Assured, Time Respected
Some vendors treat their upgrade protection agreements like a license to bombard their customers with sales pitches. We don't do that. We don't share your information with other parties and we don't pester you with sales calls. We are respectful of our customers' need to get work done.
Crystal Reports Version Upgrades
One benefit of cView upgrade protection is it ensures your viewer works when you upgrade your version of Crystal Reports. But this isn't always possible for us to provide this benefit right away with a new version of Crystal Reports.

So far, we have been able to quickly release a new viewer to match each new release of Crystal Reports. But we don't know what Business Objects will do with a given release before it comes out and we can't predict the complexities involved in updating a viewer to match it.

Even though you have cView upgrade protection, we may not have a replacement viewer available right away. If you are planning an upgrade to a version that has just come out, please contact mark (remove the spaces) for compatibility information. Chances are good that we have you covered. But we don't like our customers to rely on chances.

cView Version History
Improvements made through updates (all free to upgrade protection customers):

Improved database support (including OLEDB)
You can now use cView with SQL and Oracle reports and subreports. The passwords are stored centrally for each database connection, not each report.  The database passwords can be hidden from the user for improved security.

Multiple reports open
You can keep open several reports, each in a different window. 

Viewing history
You can now keep a record of the previous 10 reports you viewed with cView. There is also an option to clear the history list.

Table mapping
You can design a report against a specific database location and then discover that at a client site, the database has a different name or is in a different drive/folder. Table mapping enables you to redirect these database locations at run time.  

Default report viewer
cView can be set up in your File Explorer Options as the default viewer of rpt files.  You can also place it on your desktop and drag a rpt file on top for processing. It will view reports with saved data, or process the report live against the database.

Ease of use
cView had a main design objective of being easy to use as a Crystal Report viewer. If you are emailed a Crystal Report and have access to your database (or the report came with Saved Data) this will allow you to run the report.

Central database management
The database connection information can be stored centrally in a server folder for all users.You select a rpt file and cView processes it.  The run time files for cView are for Crystal Reports version 8.5, 10.0 or 11.0.


Prior revisions

(3 October, 2006) Version 8.21 / 9.21/ 10.21/11.21

  • Database connection form now requires you to confirm your password before it will save it. We have found the major problem users have with out applications is that they have entered the password incorrectly.
  • Resizing a form, or copying the settings from another machine with different display settings will no longer cause an error.
  • cView 10.21 includes the Select Expert on the viewer form.  This button was already present in cView 8.20 and earlier.
  • cView 10.21/11.21 allows you to design a report using one DB login and then use a different user and login for the running of the report. This was already available in the other versions.
  • Set print date on the File/Settings/Output sets the run date for the report.
  • Product Activation available from Help Menu.
  • Error when cView.exe has been moved to a new folder location has been fixed. The error occurred when the path to the original instance folder was invalid. 
  • File/Settings/Instance Settings will save new folder location if you type in the text box.
  • File/Settings/Instance Settings will create the instance folder if it doesn't exist.
  • Form resizing behaves better.
  • Form status message includes additional information.
  • Display History now includes the date the report was last run.
  • Can only run one instance of cView on the desktop.
  • Database Connection form displays the file name in the form caption.

(5 August 2005) Version 11.20
(17 March 2005) Version 8.20 / 9.20/ 10.20

  • File Association reports automatically close the viewer when the report closes.
  • File Association reports can process paths with a space in the name.
  • Report Alerts can be viewed.
  • Improved processing against SQL databases.
  • Version 11 run time support (4 April).

(10 February 2005) Version 8.19 / 9.19/ 10.19

  • Include CR8.5 Service Pack 2 in install files.
  • Improved processing of reports against OLDEB databases.

(22 January 2005) Version 8.18 / 10.18

  • Integrates with on line help database.
  • Link to purchasing site.
  • Link to reseller information.
  • Improved license file processing.
  • Database connection form - save password problem fixed.
  • Instance processing creates default folder for instances.
  • Instance processing file name extended.
  • Help page on instance setting and processing.
(17 May 2004) Version 8.17 / 10.17
  • CR10 version created.
  • CR9 version replaced by CR10 version.
  • Version History now included in all help files.
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