cViewSERVER Upgrade Protection 1 year

cViewSERVER Upgrade Protection 1 year

cViewSERVER Upgrade Protection 1 year

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Upgrade Protection keeps cViewSERVER current with changes to Crystal Reports and with new features and refinements to cViewSERVER. One year plan.

Upgrade Protection:

  • Provides you a path to take advantage of the product improvements, without having to go through the hassle of another purchase approval.
  • Allows you to upgrade your scheduler for free if you upgrade your version of Crystal Reports.
  • Keeps you current.

Why Buy

Crystal Reports itself is continually evolving into a more powerful product to meet ever more demanding needs of end users. Thus, we have an inexpensive upgrade protection license to make things easy and affordable for everyone.

This license extends the development of cViewSERVER, but at a fraction of the cost of buying a new license. We value our customers, and our upgrade protection product is our way of saying thank you while supporting you as you move forward with your own goals.

You do not need upgrade protection just to run cViewSERVER. That said, there are some compelling reasons to buy upgrade protection along with your cViewSERVER product.


  • No need to budget for version upgrades.
  • Have the newest technology available.
  • Save money.


The maintenance agreement has become standard practice in today's software environment. Such agreements have been around since the early days of IBM central computing systems. For desktop and server systems, they became necessary to support continued development of antivirus libraries. We like to call it upgrade protection, as that is a more accurate way to look at it.

Some software vendors disable the product after the first year of use, unless you buy a subscription or have a maintenance agreement. Some software vendors don't do this. We are in that second group. Your business information and reporting system is critical, and so you can continue to operate via your original purchase. But doing so may be a mistake because you miss out on the benefits our upgrade protection agreement brings you.

Privacy assured, time respected

Some vendors treat their maintenance agreements like a license to bombard their customers with sales pitches. We don't do that. We don't share your information with other parties and we don't pester you with sales calls. We are respectful of our customers' need to get work done.


One benefit of cViewSERVER Upgrade Protection is it ensures your scheduler works when you upgrade your version of Crystal Reports. But this isn't always possible for us to provide this benefit right away with a new version of Crystal Reports.

So far, we have been able to quickly release a new scheduler to match the new version of Crystal Reports. But we don't know what Business Objects will do with a given release before it comes out and we can't predict the complexities involved in updating a scheduler to match it.

Even though you have cViewSERVER Upgrade Protection, we may not have a replacement scheduler available right away. If you are planning an upgrade to a version that has just come out, please contact mark (remove the spaces) for compatibility information. Chances are good that we have you covered. But we don't like our customers to rely on chances.

Version History

(21 September, 2010) Version 12.41
  • Problem with authenticated mail servers now fixed
  • Mail Message task now supports a message file
  • Local file address does not get drive removed when details sent to remote folder
  • View Report feature now available

(2 September, 2009) Version 10.40

  • Problem with default data folder on Vista machines now fixed
  • Improved event logging when service starts
  • License name now displayed correctly on live web pages and stats reports

(20 August, 2009) Version 10.39

  • Can now set dynamic dates plus or minus more than 30 days
  • New Dynamic Date Adjustment field of " Adjustment Range"
  • Mail Message schedule item now supports a address list in a disk file
  • Mail Message can now send HTML messages (based on an HTML file)
  • Can display a count and list of email domains reports are being sent to
  • Email domain count and list included in statistics report
  • Improved error processing for collections
  • Expired licenses suspends email message processing
  • Windows version information displayed in cViewREMOTE header form and cViewSERVER web logs
  • Vista ProgramData folder used by default
  • New dynamic dates for last year values
  • Table mapping does a partial or full string replacement
  • Table mapping full replacement not case sensitive
  • Table mapping problem fixed
  • Server license information now displayed correctly

(18 November 2008) Version 10.38

  • New Report Frequencies for ServiceStart and ServiceStop
  • New Custom Calendar Values of Today, Yesterday and Workday
  • New objects in schedule: MailMessage, DiskFileCommand, TimeZone
  • Each report can have it's dynamic dates assigned to a TimeZone
  • cViewBATCH application integration can now send the body of an email using the MessageBodyFile command line option in cViewBATCH x.35
  • Collections can send an email at the end of processing the collection and it can include all the disk output files the collection processed
  • New Date stamp %c* to attach all the disk files output during the processing of the collection
  • Printer lists now supported
  • Improved service install and setup
  • Specific install instructions for Vista users
  • Web folder files server.htm and trace.htm are recreated when service starts
  • cViewSERVER.cfg file lets you specify a different folder for your schedule data files
  • Encryption information is displayed
  • cViewMAIL can be integrated to use authenticated connection to SMTP server
(22 April, 2008) Version 10.37
  • Batch files and EXE in the schedule appear with the correct Application tag
  • Today adjustments in dynamic dates should process correctly
  • Can suspend email processing
  • New date stamp %q for previous month and year and %r for report name
  • Remote license status will no longer say "Invalid" the second time you display it
  • Can use product activation if you've used an extended trial license
  • Can load a dynamic date against a string parameter and can control the string format
  • Range parameters are now supported
  • You can set a dynamic calendar to 4 Weekly or 4-4-5 week accounting periods
  • Calculations for month.start.ty, month.end.ty, lastmth.start.ty and lastmth.end.ty now include 4 weekly and 4-4-5 week accounting period
  • Can specify date of first period for last year and next year
  • Can calculate lastmth.start.ty when in first period of the year.  This uses the value plus the required number of days
  • Accounting period information is included in the live web status file
  • Dynamic date period values are shared with cViewBATCH
  • Duplicate domain short cuts resolved and removed
  • Text export CPI and Page length shared with cViewBATCH
  • New date stamps for NextMth.Start.ty and NextMth.End.Ty to calculate the start and end of next month<
  • Collection variables, date stamps and wild cards are supported in additional attached files
  • Dynamic Dates can be set to a specific time for each report
  • Financial Year Start and Period One values automatically roll over each year
  • The log file entries for a multirun in a collection now displays the correct Schedule ID rather than the schedule ID of the collection
  • Monthly statistics report now attaches the correct file
  • Formatting improvements to statistics web page
  • Process information available in cViewREMOTE schedule explorer

(1 March, 2007) Version 10.36

  • If %c is used outside a collection it appears as "Collection"
  • Table Mapping including ODBC, OLEDB servers and databases now operational
  • Crystal Reports 10/Service Pack 6 support
  • CSV export supported for cViewBATCH integrated report processing
(22 December, 2006) Version 10.35
  • Improved cViewSERVER/cViewBATCH integration
  • Custom Calendar scheduling problem with "Saturday 03:00" has been fixed
  • Custom Calendar scheduling for Monday reports now fixed
  • New Menu item in cViewREMOTE to View/Item Calendar to show next planned processing dates for any report
  • Remote workstation now displays server license information correctly
  • License information now includes license file name(s)
  • Expired license on one schedule can open a different schedule file with a valid license
  • Multirun control file can contain comments. Any line that starts with // will be ignored
  • Remove Item from Schedule now responds faster inside cViewREMOTE
  • File conflicts when saving the xml schedule files now retry after a delay and has better error trapping
  • Mapped drives now supported for ODBC reports against Access and FoxPro databases
  • Collections now include a "Field Value" specific for each collection
  • New date stamps values: %a converts to the current month name, %b to the three character month name, %c for the collection field value, %e for the current day of the month, %f for the day of the week, %p for the year and month, %n for the full date and time, %u for the date with underscores and %z for the current year number
  • Date stamps now works in the email subject and message
  • Email messages can include {?parametername} and the actual value of the parameter used to process that report will appear in the subject or message when the email is sent.
  • New Help page on all the email features
  • LastMth.Start.TY now calculates correctly when today is the first of the month
  • You can import a cViewMANAGER schedule into the cViewSERVER schedule database
  • If the date stamp is used in an output destination more than once, all occurrences of the date stamp are processed
  • Date stamp file names now appear in the success message correctly
  • Notify and error messages now can include parameter values
(17 January, 2006) Version 10.34
  • Improved compatibility when migrating a cViewMANAGER multirun report to cViewSERVER.
  • Problem with next run date too far in the future has been fixed.
  • Expired backups are removed when the new file is created.
  • Local Machine registry entries are no longer being used.
  • New menu item to update local cViewPARTY applications.
  • Option to retain saved data in report if required.
  • By default saved data is discarded and the report refreshed against the database.
  • Additional email checking and error messages.
  • HTML/DHTML output lets you select which files you want to remove prior to the export.
  • Run on Server and Desktop appear on their own Run menu.
  • Least Privileged user changes including Start/Stop service removed from menu.
  • Subreport parameters do not appear in the parameter list.
  • Schedule engine will check all parameters have a value before processing (but it can be turned off for a specific report).
  • Date Time Parameters can now use Dynamic Dates to control input.
  • Can pass a NULL value to a stored procedure parameter.
  • Improved error messages if report file has been deleted or renamed.
  • Can attach additional files to email reports and multirun email reports.
  • Now supports Product Activation.
(11 July, 2005) Version 10.33
  • Deleting a report from the schedule will remove the parameters for that report. Previously they would remain behind and reappear if a new report used the same schedule id.
  • Backup and Restore of the schedule database can be done manually or automatically.
  • Log File can now be cleared and exported
  • Log File Settings are retained after a clear of the log
  • Icon for the Log Settings on the main form has been changed.
  • Web status pages are updated every 30 minutes. Previously it was every hour.
  • Set the next run date of a schedule item to automatically set the schedule status to "Yes (Scheduled)". Previously you had to set both fields to get the item to process.
  • Statistics for the schedule and each report are calculated and displayed
  • Text and HTML output can be sent in the body of the email messages instead of as an attachment.
  • Previous email addresses for Notify on Success or Failure is available from a drop down box
  • The drop down box now displays more items to select from
  • Errors are raised if printer name or the "To" email address is blank
  • Delete from Schedule also works on Database Connection items
  • Collections now let you select from a drop down list of valid reports
  • You can remove members from a collection
(29 May, 2005) Version 10.32
  • Collections and Projects now supported
  • Collections will display the members of the collection in a separate branch of the tree
  • Projects can be created within groups
  • Projects can be renamed and deleted
  • New export format to "Text File" now available
  • Sorting by Next Run Date is now with overdue, then most recent first and in ascending order
  • Sorting by Last Run Date is now with most recent first and in descending order after that
  • Can now sort schedule by Frequency, and Report Destination
  • Removing a list entry when no lines in the list file will no longer cause an error
  • Can use a custom calendar with entries like Monday 4:00, Thursday 19:45, etc.
  • You can use ten domain shortcuts to make your email addresses shorter and more flexible.
  •  Database connection form now requires you to confirm your password before it will save it. We have found the major problem users have with out applications is that they have entered the password incorrectly.
  • SMTP processing can now choose between the cViewSERVER internal SMTP service and our cViewMAIL utility.  The cViewMAIL utility supports authenticated mail servers.

(10 March, 2005) Version 10.31

  • Business Day and Month processing modified to match cViewMANAGER
  • Database connection options update on screen faster in cViewREMOTE
  • XML version header now appears on xml files
  • Schedule can be sorted by name, schedule id, next run date and last run date
  • Schedule sort is remembered the next time cViewREMOTE runs
  • Maintenance licenses processed correctly

(17 November 2004) Version 10.30

  • CR10 version created
  • Improved help on cViewREMOTE menu items
  • New help file on the cViewREMOTE schedule navigator
  • Setup screen for first time users
  • Menu structure rearranged to improve ease of use.
  • Insert Folder now available to load an entire folder of reports
  • Reports on remote machines are automatically converted to UNC names
  • Faster dialog response between cViewREMOTE and cViewSERVER
  • Temporary license recognized as a valid license
  • Version history now included in help files
  • Can process other cViewPARTY applications (e.g. cViewSQL, cViewPICK)
  • Integrates with online help database
(5 September 2003) Version 9.25
  • Original release version created
  • Uses same XML schedule document as cViewMANAGER
  • Can schedule reports
  • Setup screen for first time users
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