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Crystal Reports and Financials


Many of our customers have shown us reports that, while technically accurate from a Crystal Reports design standpoint, fail in the content area. This is especially a problem in the area of financials. Thus, we have put together some articles to help not only our customers but anyone in the Crystal Reports community who is designing financially-related reports for executives.

If you can understand what the executives actually need in their reports, then you can wow them with the quality of your report content. That, of course, is always good for job longevity. So read up, and implement what you learn.


Article excerpts:

Crystal Reports and Financials: IRR, Article 01

Managers tend to prefer IRR over any other metric. Why is this? Because typically projects are evaluated on the return made on the investment in the project. This has nothing to do with how the project is funded or how long it takes to make the money back. Nor does it have anything to do with how much money the project actually generates.

Crystal Reports and Financials: NPV, Article 01

The NPV function takes a rate and series of cash payments and receipts to calculate what that cash flow is worth at the current point of time. Suppose your project has annual cash flows of $1000, $2000, $1500 and $1200 over the life of the project and your cost of capital is 5%. Then the cash flow function....

Crystal Reports and Financials: NPV, Article 02

Because NPV tells you the time value of money and allows you to balance investment against cash flow, it's the basis for executive-level financial decisions in corporations. If you're providing any reports related to such decisions, you need to include the NPV for the project or system covered by the report.

Crystal Reports and Financials: NPV, Article 03

For many people, NPV is a foreign concept. But for MBAs, finance majors, and experienced executives, it's a very familiar concept. Many of these people own a calculator with an NPV function and have done extensive NPV calculations using the admittedly complex NPV tool in Microsoft Excel. If you're the report designer who is preparing financially-related reports for executives, you need to understand NPV.

Monetizing Projects for Crystal Reports Administrators

Businesses run on cash flow. Business decisions are, for the most part, monetary. If you want managers to decide things a particular way, you have to show them the money. But how can you monetize the fact that you don't like sacrificing your weekends when a moderate investment in a software tool can make doing so completely unnecessary?

This article is copyrighted by Crystalkeen, Mindconnection, and Chelsea Technologies Ltd. It may be freely copied and distributed as long as the original copyright is displayed and no modifications are made to this material. Extracts are permitted. The names Crystal Reports and Seagate Info are trademarks owned by Business Objects.


Except where an author's name is given at the start of the article, all of these articles were written by Mo Naughton or Bruce Ferguson and edited by Mark Lamendola. Mo is a Crystal Reports consultant, trainer, and developer for Chelsea Technologies, Inc. Bruce Ferguson is a Crystal Reports consultant, trainer, and developer for CrystalKiwi, Inc. Mark Lamendola is a writer and editor with over 15 years experience in professional and trade publications.



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