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Crystal Reports: Widows and Orphans in Grouped Reports

This article, courtesy of Cindy Kredo (Access development/software solutions/training) www.cindykredo.com

Crystal Decisions Kbase Articles C2000973, C2000972 and C2008983 provide solutions to report widows and orphans in grouped reports.

Users often want both widow and orphan control. If they use the Crystal solution to prevent widowed group headers and widowed group footers, it works fine only when every group has more than one detail record.

Those groups that contain one detail record will get duplicated: the same record appears twice in the report.

One solution is to add a conditional format formula to the Group Footer A section that suppresses the section if the count of the records in the detail section (for that group) is equal to 1.

Widows and orphans are unfortunate artifacts of written language. In addition to the solution above, you can reduce their occurrence by using simpler words and shorter phrases.

For example:

  • Use "To" instead of "In order to"
  • Eliminate modifiers. If something is dangerous, it deserves attention. Saying it's "very" dangerous doesn't change that.
  • Use "here" instead of "this location."

Flatulent word usage is an epidemic, these days. Not only does it contribute to the widows and orphans problem, it detracts from clarity. Don't use two or three words when one will do.

As you use simpler words as part of your widow and orphan control strategy, an interesting thing will happen. Your reports will have more punch. People's eyes won't glaze over as they try to digest high-falootin' words and words with many syllables. Give them the plain English, straight-up.

Take any report you now have, and look for words greater than one syllable. See if you can substitute a single-syllable word in its place. Then, read the report once this is done. Sound better to you?


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