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Crystal Reports:
Display array values better with "Join" and "Split" functions

Consider this formula:

Join ({?Country}, ", ") // array, delimiter

If the {?Country} parameter contains the values ["Australia", "New Zealand", "Hong Kong"] the result of this function will be "Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong".

The split function can be used to perform the opposite result: taking "Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong" and returning an array. This would be used to pass a multi value parameter to a subreport.

1) Create a formula to join the list together (as described earlier)

2) Link that formula to a single value string parameter in the subreport

3) Modify the record selection formula in the subreport (with the split function) to:

{Customer.Country} = split({?Pm-@Country List}, ", ")


Can you think of a few uses for this?

A somewhat related topic is "Keep Together."

See: Keep Together--But Only When You Want To


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