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Crystal Reports: Group Expert

The Group Expert is a quick way to see what fields you are using for groups in your report. It also provides an easy way to shuffle the groups around into the sequence you require.

One feature we like (in CR9 and above) is you can "undo” after you have used “delete group.”

group expert


Steve Dowse from Business Objects in Sydney reminded us that (with Crystal Reports 9.0 and above) you can group on the same field more than once. This lets you use a field for specified order and then within that group you can group by individual values of the fields.

Earlier version users need to create a formula that uses the group field. You then could group on the formula.

Overflow problems?

What if you have a large group that flows over to a subsequent page? How do you control the report so the headings re-appear on each page as the group continues?

When you create the group, select the option "Repeat Group Header on Each Page." This will cause the group header to appear on each new page. If you have forgotten to set this, you can change an existing group, and set it later when you need to.

Here's another tip on this subject:

Display “Continued” when a group continues onto a new page. It can also be useful to display the word “Continued” when then the group header is not the start of the group. Place this formula in the group header section:

If InRepeatedGroupHeader then “Continued” 

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