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Crystal Reports: Extra Blank Pages in Your Report

Several things happen if you have large groups in your report. One of those is particularly irritating: you discover a blank page at the start of your report, or in the middle of your report you get a page with a group heading, and the rest of the page is blank.

The cause is the way a group has been defined.

"Keep Together" is the property you want to check, and in this case make sure it is not ticked.

Keep together says: "When I start the group, see if there is enough room on the rest of the page, and if not, start the report on the next page."

A large group will cause a page break, and surplus blank pages.

Since we're on the topic of groups, did you know you can group by the same field more than once? Yes, you can. And this could be useful if you have used Specified Order for the higher level group, or the report is TopN and you would like the "Others" group to show totals by the original field at the next level down.

However if you use that summary in a formula, interesting things happen. The summary is referred to in the formula as


There is nothing in that formula to distinguish which of the two levels summaries you want. So the formula will always display the higher level total. This means you canít use the lower level summary in that form in the report.

If you want the lower level summary in a formula you will need to create a formula to calculate the original group field. Then create the lower level group by the formula rather than the field. You can use this summary in a formula. We have a sample report to demonstrate this available from our web site to illustrate this.

Grouping by a field more than once is available in Crystal Reports versions 9, 10 and XI. Crystal Reports 8.5 and earlier will not allow you to create a group if the field is already used for grouping. However, our formula field solution lets you group by a field more than once for any version of Crystal Reports. And the summaries donít get confused when you use them in formulas.



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Except where an author's name is given at the start of the article, all of these articles were written by Mo Naughton or Bruce Ferguson and edited by Mark Lamendola. Mo is a Crystal Reports consultant, trainer, and developer for Chelsea Technologies, Inc. Bruce Ferguson is a Crystal Reports consultant, trainer, and developer for CrystalKiwi, Inc. Mark Lamendola is a writer and editor with over 15 years experience in professional and trade publications.


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