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Crystal Reports: Use EQV to Do the Opposite of XOR

You can use the XOR Boolean operator to combine two Boolean clauses and return TRUE if one of the clauses is true--but false is both or neither are true. If you require the opposite result use the EQV operator inside your formula.

That is, use EQV if you want records that meet both or neither criteria, but do not want records that meet one or the other criteria.

TRUE Eqv TRUE returns a value of TRUE
FALSE Eqv TRUE returns a value of FALSE
TRUE Eqv FALSE returns a value of FALSE
FALSE Eqv FALSE returns a value of TRUE

Suppose you don't want to do this. Suppose, in fact, you want to do the exact opposite. How would you do it? Here's how:

Use an exclusive OR to select data.

Most report designers are comfortable with basic selection criteria. They will combine multiple clauses with AND and OR operators to select the data they want in a report.

Sometimes you may want records that meet one or other criteria, but do not want records that meet both or neither criteria.

Here is a Boolean operator not often used. You can use XOR to perform an Exclusive Or.

An example would be
{Dept}=ABC Xor {Qualifications} =XYZ

This will select everyone in dept ABC or anyone in other departments with a qualification of XYZ, but will ignore the people in Dept ABC who already have a qualification of XYZ.


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