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Crystal Reports: Date Conversion

Even with Y2K problems now a distant memory, we still find databases that store dates in various formats. If you can identify the rules that the format uses, you can usually design a formula to convert the field to a date so you can perform date calculations. 

One of the formats we were asked to convert was a date that was stored in a string field as ddMMMyyyy (for example 10 of January was stored as 10JAN2003). This field can be converted to a date and used in calculations.

The formula you need is 
Cdate (Picture({table.field},”xx-xxx-xxxx”) 

The Picture function isn’t widely used, but it can be useful in this case to add the required punctuation to the string. CDate is a powerful function that can take a string value that looks like a date and convert it to a date value. 

Just be careful if you have D-M-Y or M-D-Y numeric formats as these could cause some confusion (01-10-2003 is January for a US reader, but October for the rest of the world).

What's that all about, anyhow? Well....

Read more on this issue.

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