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Crystal Reports: Avoiding Blank Pages

Use “Keep Together” to avoid blank pages.

There are three objects that can change size dramatically inside a report. They are:

  • Memo field

  • Crosstab object

  • Subreport.

 If you place these on your report and they become very large, the “Keep Together” property can result in the entire object being relocated to the next page.

Sometimes in these situations, you are happy to see some of the object on the current page and want it to continue over subsequent pages.

Remember to untick “Keep Together” on the formatting for the section the object is in. On subreports and memo fields you will also need to untick “Keep Together” on the object format.

Now, here's another thing to consider. There are two objects that you might need to have behave differently. A crosstab or a subreport can grow dramatically in size during the processing of a Crystal Report. There may be times when you want the entire object on its own page, but otherwise, you might want to see as much as you can on the current page, and then show the rest on subsequent pages. 

Untick “Keep Object Together” if you want to see some of the object fit on the current page. You will also need to untick “Keep Together” for that section in the section formatting. 

You can also make page breaks conditional.



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