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Crystal Reports Basics: Repeating Headers on Printed Pages

This is based on the book, Crystal Reports: A Beginnerís Guide.

In Microsoft Excel, you can specify that headers appear on all pages. This allows someone to view the data without taping all the pages together or doing something else ridiculous. Crystal Reports provides the same functionality.

To repeat a group header on each page, just select "Repeat a Group Header" in the section properties.

For even more functionality, you can use third-party programs, such as the ones available here.

Now, keep in mind that repeating headers is a way of helping readers "connect the dots" between the pages of a printed report. So keep those headers meaningful. A person reading a report printout should be able to instantly see what a page is about. Think of that header as a book title; it needs to clearly describe the purpose of what's printed.

Without a header, the end-user has to actually read the report to figure out why s/he should read it. That's backwards. Give the reader the most efficient report experience possible, by using reading headers where appropriate and making those as clear and meaningful as possible.

Don't make the mistake of cramming that space with too much information. Remember, it needs to be clear. So choose your words carefully.

Also, if you use a date don't make it all-numeric. Use the format ddmmmyyyy so that people from different regions interpret the date the same way. It's a pernicious problem in the United States to use an all-numeric date in the format mmddyy. People in most other countries read this as ddmmyy.

A somewhat related topic is the group header.

Drill down reports are another useful feature where a summary report can drill down to display lower level details. 

If your drill down report is more than a page, you sometimes discover that the 2nd and subsequent pages do not display any headings.

When using drill down reports, check that you have ticked "Repeat Group Header on Each Page."

See also:

For even more functionality, you can use third-party programs, such as the ones available here.


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