CrystalKiwi Explorer is a stand-alone desktop Crystal Report viewer that allows users without a CR license to view .rpt files. Yes, it preserves drilldown and other .rpt functionality. This inexpensive but powerful desktop alternative saves you money. Free 30-day Trial.
Here are some reasons you might want to upgrade your current report delivery to CrystalKiwi Explorer:
  • Supports Crystal Reports 2011 and all prior versions.
  • Can view RPTR (read only) report files.
  • Report Viewing is easy and simple to use.
  • Database connection is improved with support for integrated security.
  • Export reports via email directly to the mail server. No email client required.
  • Supports Microsoft folder standards for Windows 7, Vista and XP, and Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Do you need a report viewer that supports the latest version of Crystal Reports? Do you want people in your organization to be able to run your reports against the live data in your database? Do you want them to be able to email the report to their users?

Crystal Reports 2011 is the latest version of Crystal Reports Designer. We have built this new report viewer with the developer run time to support the latest version of Crystal Reports. We have built this on a Windows 7 workstation so can confirm it works well on Windows 7 and Vista, and for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows. It will also work with your Windows Server and Windows XP machines and it can operate in a terminal server environment.

Need more reasons? See the Features on the next tab.

Key Features (Report Viewing)
  • Simple, easy user interface
  • Supports windows security to folders of report files
  • Server based email so you don't need to use Outlook or any other mail client to export reports via email
  • Supports Windows 7, Vista XP, Server 2008,Server 2003, and Microsoft Application development standards for these platforms.
  • Includes Crystal Reports 2010 run time so can run reports for Crystal Reports 2011 and earlier.
  • Can view and export RPTR (Read Only) Report files
  • Developed with the Dot Net Framework 4.0 so uses the advanced authentication and encryption standards for that platform.
  • Our "Field Processing" feature is really powerful. You can include parameter fields, date fields, date masks and tag fields in your email message subjects, message text and at various other tasks within the viewer and scheduler
  • Advanced security features and industry standard encryption of password fields
  • Comprehensive on line help files available from the CrystalKiwi web site
  • Database connections can use Integrated Security or user/password credentials
  • A database connection inside a report can be redirected to a different file location, server or database.
  • Can view or modify report properties
  • Can create a shadow copy of all email messages to a second address for security purposes.
  • Supports multiple forms viewing multiple reports
  • Can be installed on a terminal server and can send email without an Outlook client being set up for that user.

Key Features (Report Bursting, if used--requires a separate license)

  • Simple to use interface to send personalized reports to multiple email addresses.
  • Our "Field Processing Feature is really powerful. you can include parameter fields, date fields, date masks and tag fields in your email message subjects, message text and at various other tasks within the viewer and scheduler.
  • Full integration with Schedule Management UFL and Tag file support to personalize the message to each recipient.
  • Can split the bursting run into smaller sections and run (or rerun) parts of the burst as a separate task.
You might already have some of the run time components already installed, so we've separated the product into three main parts.
  1. Install the Dot Net Framework 4 if you don't have that on your machine.
  2. The Crystal Reports 2010 Developer Run Time is needed to process the Crystal Reports 2011 reports. These run times may have been installed to support other products on your machine.
  3. If you already have the above two components, then the CrystalKiwi Explorer install has a smaller footprint.

You'll find the Dot Net Framework 4and the Crystal Reports 2010 Developer Run Time on our download page.

The Viewer in Action on a demo report:




And the Bursting form looks like:

Download the software (trial copy).This download is the software. What you're buying is the license to convert it from a trial version to a full version. You also may need to download the Dot Net Framework 4.0 and Crystal Reports Run Time, so download links for those are provided on the download page.

This viewer is very simple to install and use. Limited support is available, but should not be necessary. In the event you do run into problems, send an e-mail to mark @ (remove the spaces).