Reasons to make a nature tourism trip to Greenland

Greenland is one of the few corners of the world that can only be visited in the summer months, as the rest of the year, this huge island is hibernating, like another of the inhabitants of the area, the polar bear.

But in the summer months, the coasts melt and give life a chance.

It is not a usual tourist destination with a wide range of accommodation, where you also have various transport alternatives between cities.

What Greenland is like

Traveling to Greenland is so logistically complex to organize that in practice it is almost impossible to make a sightseeing trip on your own.

To give you an idea, apart from a few airplane connections between a few small inhabited areas, it is hardly possible to get around if you are not on board private boats.

Greenland is so sparsely populated that most villages have only dirt roads within them, but there are no roads linking the various villages.

Their highways are the fjords, and most towns are small villages with very few isolated houses in the countryside.

This set of circumstances turns a trip to Greenland into a small adventure, in which it is key to have an open mind, a positive attitude at all times.

If you do, Greenland brings you unique sensations and landscapes that are found in few places in the world.

This summer we took the opportunity to visit Greenland on a trip with the agency Tierras Polaris.

This is the main agency specialized in the destination, which has its own vehicles, boats, and hostels to organize the trip.

It is curious to note the great influence of the Polar Lands in Greenland, to the extent that you find Inuit (Eskimos) who speak Spanish, as they collaborate with the agency, and it is common to see flags and posters in Spanish.

What to see and do on a trip to Greenland

And after living this special experience we have decided to show you the reasons why it is worth visiting Greenland.

1. Landscapes and Nature in its purest state

It is said that much of man’s progress is due to his ability to adapt the environment to his needs instead of adapting to the environment like other animals.

But this is easier said than done in some parts of the world like Greenland.

Without a doubt, being so isolated means that the hand of man is not felt and this has kept them intact, almost as it was centuries ago.

A country that is basically a huge glacier covers almost its entire surface, a really nice dessert that spreads out forming huge tongues of ice in its coastal areas, full of icebergs.

And you can count on the fingers of one hand the destinations in the world of these characteristics.

This combination creates unique landscapes in which you could spend the afternoon just looking at them.

2. Sleeping in a camp like real explorers

In Greenland you can have an authentic experience, live in a base camp at the foot of a glacier.

This is the land of Arctic explorers, and one of them is the director of Polar Lands, Ramon Larramendi.

Ramón is one of the most important polar explorers in the world today, and in his numerous expeditions he has traveled thousands of kilometers and developed sleds pulled by wind kites.

Based on what would be authentic polar camps, they have created igloo tents where it is possible to spend the night during the trip.

It’s a very special place, as you’re an hour’s boat ride from any town while listening to the sound of the icebergs breaking away from the glaciers.


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