How an online marketing agency can help you

As a marketing manager or online business owner, you know the challenge of getting sales or contacts through your Internet presence.

Even today, as the head of an online marketing agency, I’m surprised at how many businesses lack an online strategy beyond the first necessary step of publishing a website. Keeping up with the trends and opportunities of the digital environment requires a dedication you may not be able to afford. You may not have the internal support or budget to tackle a project either. In the worst case, you’ve seen it with industry professionals who have frustrated you with their bright smoke.

Auditing the current situation

You have implemented actions recently or in the past and have difficulty understanding the resulting metrics and analyzing the results – am I doing the right things? You may be sure that improvements can be made but you don’t know how or where.

Evolution and optimization

Looking for synergies
Many companies have heard of SEO. “After my website, I need SEO,” they say. For their part, many agencies propose “you have to be on social networks”. Who’s right about that?

There are no opposing disciplines or repelling strategies. An online marketing agency will work together to develop the right tactics, taking advantage of their synergies:

Content marketing.
Visibility in search engines.
Social media.
Sustainable demand generation programmes.

Continuing education

As you know, keeping abreast of the trends and opportunities offered by the digital environment is not easy, even for digital professionals.

Back to school

Sometimes, lack of knowledge of the applicable opportunities and techniques is the barrier that prevents the approval of a plan or budget. We train your organization in the fundamental aspects of digital marketing.

Stages of an online strategy

Over the past few months, I have been advising various organizations on their online strategy. I have therefore been reflecting and reviewing part of the existing bibliography.

Particularly inspiring have been Avinash Kaushik (Digital Marketing: Ladder of Awesomeness/Sustainable Success), Tristán Elósegui (How to plan your online strategy, based on Kaushik and recently updated in Stages of the evolution of an online strategy) and other authors who will be appearing appropriately below.

This post describes the tandem vision of how to approach an online strategy, born from our experience with small and medium enterprises.

For my part, I always try to evangelize, with mixed results, about the importance of a medium and long-term vision. The reality is that I come across organizations that are often disappointed in the results they have achieved, which are often the result of wrong approaches.

Application of the framework
There are two concepts I like to explain:

Where do I start?

When a client asks us for our opinion, the range of options is always wide – do we need traffic, optimization, do we have the necessary indicators? In my opinion, there is only one possible answer: do what can provide income or save costs. Immediately. And with the improvements obtained, it continues.


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