The health mania is booming at the moment. No matter whether in drugstores, supermarkets, sports shops or the fast food chain next door – everywhere more attention is paid to offer or sell something healthy.

From my point of view I can tell you that once you have really started it, you don’t want to leave it. Nothing is missing! It’s good for the body! You are happy! But for these 3 points to be true, you have to start with the first and do it right. Sounds simple, but often it is not!
I personally also had many ups and downs in my health, as you can read in these articles: Laughter, life instead of counting. All I’m trying to do is show that no master will fall from the sky! This applies to sports, losing weight, putting on weight, at school, or even overcoming fears. This is true in every area of life!

This contribution is intended to help people get started, solve questions and give an overview of what I believe is a properly designed “Healthy Lifestyle”. That’s why I don’t want to talk any longer and show you my 10 facts about a healthy lifestyle:

healthy is no longer healthy

This topic is especially addressed on my blog by several contributions because I consider it to be particularly important. Basically, it should be said that doing without one or two pieces of chocolate or ice cream in summer is not unhealthy. But if you consider a banana to be unhealthy because of the fructose, then you should really ask yourself whether this is the right way.

Healthy does not necessarily mean expensive

Okay, okay, I admit that the prices in restaurants are sometimes a cheek! But such a visit is not part of our daily life and should remain something special. That’s why I personally accept it if I sometimes leave more money in the restaurant that I wanted to.

But here I’m more concerned with the food at home. That’s where a healthy lifestyle should begin! There are always offers for fruit and vegetables in the supermarket. You either just have to read the leaflets or browse the internet.
The prices for the grain are also more than affordable. Especially if you think that a pack of oatmeal costs 0.50 €. Nobody can call this expensive!
Meat and fish are often not affordable as students – especially if you want them to be of good quality. But you have to bear in mind that you don’t have to consume these products every day and that you can also choose cheaper protein alternatives. But here, too, please note the leaflets!

Lifestyle – not diet

Living a healthy lifestyle does not automatically mean that you are or have to be on a diet for the rest of your life. Don’t let the English word “diet” confuse you. It’s about finding healthier alternatives for the same enjoyment! Wholemeal products instead of processed ones! Lots of fruit and vegetables instead of canned food!


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