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Crystal Reports Schedulers, Viewers, and other Tools for Crystal Reports Systems. Money-back Guarantee.

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Crystal Reports viewers
Crystal Reports viewers allow people without a Crystal Reports license to view . rpt files with full drilldown and live data. No concurrent user licensing required. Easy to use.
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Crystal Reports schedulers
Crystal Reports schedulers let you send specific reports to specific people at specific times. We offer five Crystal Reports schedulers; they come in Windows application and Windows Service versions.
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Graphics enhancement tools for Crystal Reports
Enhance the visual impact of your reports. cViewIMAGE dynamically includes images. CR Chart enhances graphing abilities. Other image tools also make your reports stand out.
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Data analysis tools
Use analysis tools to keep your information system working properly. Find data items with Find it EZ. Use Report Analyzer to detect and document potential performance issues.
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Why Viewers?

With a Crystal Reports viewer, you can share your .rpt files with someone who does not have a Crystal Reports license. That could be a critical customer or supplier outside your company (not just a department within your company).

We were the first to offer a viewer that refreshes against live data, enabling users to get pretty much the same thing as a report on demand. Our viewers still have innovations not yet implemented by competitors. But why buy a Crystal Reports viewer when a free one comes with Crystal Reports? That viewer is quite limited, and it likely does not meet your needs if you are truly making use of your Crystal Reports system.

Why Schedulers?

A Crystal Reports scheduler allows you to send reports out on a predetermined time, day, etc. Most schedulers allow you to set up individual distribution lists. Our schedulers give you the flexibility you really need, by allowing you to schedule any report to any distribution list.

You can schedule as many reports as you want, set up as many distribution lists as you want, and send the same report to different lists or different reports to the same list. In short, we built it based on how administrators actually work.

Because you can "set it and forget it," your reports get distributed automatically when you want, to whom you want. A great benefit of using a scheduler is once you schedule a report, users won't be interrupting you asking you to manually send it out.

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